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About Us

William Roe, DMD

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Dr. William Roe acts as the senior advisor to Tuscaloosa Dental Arts. William graduated from UAB School of Dentistry with a residency in prosthodontics in 2005. William co-owns University General Dentistry in Tuscaloosa, AL. and practices general dentistry with a focus on prosthetics day in and day out. Needless to say, Dr. Roe doesn’t do much bench work at the lab. However, with many years experience as a trained prosthodontist, William Roe offers TDA something special when it comes to technique, case planning, and much more. Clinical experience and clinical product testing have been vital to the way we make product and the materials we use. William has a vast knowledge of implant prosthetics and dental prosthetics as a whole and uses that knowledge to educate new employees as well as brainstorm complex situations. Dr. Roe is a huge asset to this company’s progressive vision. He is always eager to discuss cases with anyone regardless of skill or experience level and loves to help anyone he can. If you feel like you need to discuss clinical obstacles or want to speak with a practicing professional regarding difficult cases do not hesitate to email or call him today with any questions or concerns.

Ben Rhodes, B.S.

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Ben Rhodes acts as the COO of Tuscaloosa Dental Arts. That is, he oversees day to day operations and is the person you want to speak with when you have any type of issue or concerns regarding overall lab work, lab policies, logistics, case planning, etc. After graduating in 2007 from the University of Alabama with a degree in Biological Sciences, Ben really didn’t want to leave the lab business he worked his way through college doing and fell in love with. With over 8 years of experience in 2008, Ben teamed up with William Roe to start something both were hungry for, a premier dental prosthetics company. With enthusiasm, tireless work by all parties, and a vision, TDA stands as what it is today; a successful full-service lab with a progressive outlook. Now with over 13 years of experience as of 2013, Ben has gained a wealth of knowledge regarding overall focus on removable prosthetics and dental implants. Ben mostly works in the removable department on a daily basis, but will field most any question regarding whatever you need to know. If you have any questions regarding implant case logistics, general lab questions, removable prosth questions, or any concerns, please email or call Ben today.

Noah Oswalt

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Noah serves as TDA’s fixed department manager/coordinator. With 9 years experience already in lab management, Noah came to TDA in 2011 along with his wife, Dana, to embark on a new journey of fixed prosthetics. Along with diligent help from others, Noah has guided the TDA fixed department into an extremely successful and rapidly expanding fixture of our lab in only approximately a year and a half. When you mix great artistic talent, high technological intelligence, hard work, and good character, you have a recipe for success. That’s what Noah brings to the table at TDA. He has a vast knowledge of all things crown and bridge, CAD/ CAM, and dental implants. If you have any questions or concerns regarding fixed prosthetics, feel free to contact Noah today by email or phone.

Dana Oswalt

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Dana serves as lead ceramist and fixed department co-manager at TDA. Dana assists her husband of 7 years, Noah, in fixed operations as well as takes on the role as lead ceramist. Dana is an exceptionally talented ceramist with an eye for shade matching and porcelain building, not to mention a relentlessly hard worker. She holds great skill in beautiful porcelain work for anterior esthetics and is remarkable when it comes to knowing what it takes to make a single unit crown match its neighbor. A fantastic blend of ability, hard work, and common sense approach, its no wonder why Dana has contributed mightily to our radical fixed department growth over the past year and a half. Dana possesses experience and knowledge in every phase of fixed prosthetics, and will gladly help you out with any questions or concerns you may have regarding ceramics, shades, or fixed in general. Please email your shades to her for crown matching. She has all state of the art equipment including a 32 LCD monitor at her desk, as well as premium products to make it happen.